Canon Factory Service Center – 5 Stars { Miami Photographer }


My Canon 580EX II speedlite hadn’t been working properly with my Canon EOS. I’d set it in the hot shoe on top of the camera, as usual, but it would cause the camera not to work at all. The camera would give me a strange error message where it would display some random settings for the aperture and shutter speed, and the shutter button would not fire.

I tried turning the camera and speedlite on and off. I tried disconnecting and reconnecting the battery. I tried resetting the speedlite in the hot shoe, which sometimes did the trick. Sometimes works, sometimes not.  Finally, I gave in and sent it into Canon for repairs. That repair ended up costing me a little over $10 for shipping, my flash was under warranty. But if not, the flat repair for this is $120. The Canon technicians wrote back on the receipt that they’d replaced some cracked part inside the speedlite. Since I never dropped the speedlite or banged it against anything, perhaps that part had been cracked from the get-go, who knows…



The flash  is now in perfect working condition.    The Service Center did a fantastic job down to the return packaging — the lens was put in a plastic bag, sealed with tape, then wrapped in packaging material, before it’s placed into a box.

I couldn’t be happier with the service — efficient, professional, meticulous, and free!

I recommend this service center for your Canon repairs, since it is the same people that actually make your lenses and cameras and know their stuff. The prices are very reasonable for what they do and you get a 6 month warranty. I am very happy with it. This is probably better than going to shady camera shop to fix your camera.


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