{ Miami Smash the cake Photographer } Baby session photography

Tips for a Successful Cake Smash Photo Session:


Have more time on your hands?  Make the cake yourself.  When my second son’s first birthday rolled around, I borrowed one of those giant cupcake makers from a friend and made a chocolate cake, LOTS of white icing and sprinkles galore!

My favorite look is the baby on the floor with a fun cake right in front of him, an out-stretched hand just inches away from a fist-full of icing. If your little one is more independent and demands to be on his own two feet, try putting the cake on a small pedestal or stand and let him pick at it while he walks around it.

Maybe you want balloons in the background?

Don’t be discouraged if your child is not flashing you giant smiles during the session. He or she may be too curious and intent on exploring to pay much attention to you at first. Give the baby a chance to discover the cake, take detail photos such as capturing the hand just as he grabs a handful of the sweet stuff.  Maybe sing the child’s favorite song to him so he look up at your and you can grab that smile that melts your heart… If all else fails, put a dollop of icing on their nose!

Prepare the cake… don’t bring the cake straight from the fridge and set it in front of baby, the icing and cold cake may make it too hard for baby to grab and they may lose interest. A room-temperature cake smashes best.

Make sure to have extra sprinkles (or cake topper elements) ready to add if needed.

Keep cake cutter handy (if you need to help baby dig past the frosting and get a handful of cake).

Make the session about the child and don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Maybe you want to do a simple cupcake instead of a whole cake… or maybe you really want to think outside the box… What if it wasn’t cake? Maybe you do a watermelon smash session… or an ice cream sundae dig-in?

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